“Opera-”ting Through Web Browsers

I tend to use a variety of web browsers (as much as I prefer multitasking tools to simplify things, I can’t seem to find a browser that works best for me.. some websites only render well in IE, Firefox is slow loading but has great extensions, Google Chrome is sleek, etc.). However, I’ve been playing around with Opera a bit more lately and have found some pretty useful extensions:


Listed, though not purposefully, in order of my preference. There’s also another one that removes ads embedded within the videos, which is pretty nice too. Anyway. The video downloader is actually really nice, and does an excellent job. I like doing this for loading onto a mobile player, when I don’t have internet, or set them to be executed via one of Khatz’s many, many, sexy batch files.

The HTML Ruby one I just recently (as in minutes ago) added on, so I can’t speak for usefulness, yet.

I also like the Mini Wikipedia because I can quickly look up articles in Chinese/Japanese/English (gasp!) without having to switch languages around.


I still use this tool to download the Youtube audio as well (I like being able to have it in a variety of formats).


2 thoughts on ““Opera-”ting Through Web Browsers

  1. You’ve sold me on opera… 🙂

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