Are you human?


Twitter delves into existentialism.

Well, after so many failed attempts to put in your password you not only feel a little silly, but are also asked, hey are you even human?

我們得檢查一下 …你是人類嗎?

Let’s break this down:

  • 我們 (wǒ​men): we
  • 得 (děi): need to
  • 檢查 : check
  • 一下 (jiǎn​chá​): (used after a verb) for a second / do x real quick
  • … : …
  • 你 (nǐ): you
  • 是 (shì): are
  • 人類 (rén​lèi): human
  • 嗎 (ma): question mark?

And all together we get:

We need to check …are you a human?

It’s a pretty straightforward phrase, and definitely a fun one to remember! Until the machines take over..


2 thoughts on “Are you human?

  1. That’s the worst. I still mess up on these sometimes, but Japanese looks easier than Chinese lol

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