A Happy Meal, This is Not



Anyway, creepy Ronald is here to teach you some use(less?)ful Chinese!

McDonald’s, first of all, is 麥當勞 (Mài​dāng​láo).

As for Ronald McDonald, he’s 麥當勞叔叔 (Mài​dāng​láo shū​shu) or “uncle Ronald” (which feels creepier somehow). His full name is: 羅納德·麥當勞 (Luó​nàdé · Mài​dāng​láo) , in case you needed that information to fulfill your day.

As for what Ronald McDonald is, well, 麥當勞叔叔是麥當勞的「吉祥物」(jí​xiáng​wù),「吉祥物」即是”mascot”。

Some other fun fast food vocabulary:

absolutely horrified (idiom time!): 毛骨悚然 (máo​gǔ​sǒng​rán)

frightening: 恐怖 (kǒng​bù)

Big Mac: 大麥克 (Dà​ Mài​kè)

Fries: 薯條 (shǔ​tiáo)

Set meal (burger, fries and drink): 套餐


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