Release the stationary!

Seen at work: letthestationaryfree

Let’s break this down!

  • 文具 (wénjù): stationary
  • 解放區 (Jiěfàngqū): liberation area


解放 (Jiěfàngqū): liberation

區 (Jiěfàngqū): area/district

Historical tidbit! 解放區 can also refer to cities liberated by the Chinese Communists during the Chinese civil war.

While the stationary itself is saying「快讓我重見天日!」


快 (kuài): quick

讓 (ràng): let/allow

我 (wǒ): me

重見天日 (chóngjiàntiānrì): [idiom] to see the light again; deliver from oppression

In total we get: “Stationary Liberation Area” — “Quick, deliver me from oppression!”

A little workplace fun goes a long way to helping you learn a language!


2 thoughts on “Release the stationary!

  1. 哈哈… I’m imagining that either everyone has been hoarding stationary or some people have really old pens that need to be set free. ^_^

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