The Skritter Android Beta is Out!

Good news for Skritter users with Android devices–the Skritter Beta for Android is out!

Check out the post below for a few screenshots and brief overview. Also, learn how to get a three-week free trial (instead of the usual one week) to test out the app!

With a cute splash screen to boot!

With a cute splash screen to boot!

Echoing my review of the iOS app, Skritter is a great app for learning how to write Chinese characters, with an SRS program built in. It has flashcards that test writing, pronunciation and meaning. You can also access pre-made lists from a variety of textbooks and other materials. Unfortunately the subscription cost has gone up since then, but the three-week trial offered with this post would give you a good feel on whether or not Skritter is for you. One thing I do like, though, is that the interface is actually really minimalistic compared to the iOS version. I have to admit–I kind of prefer it!

Welcome to Skritter for Android.

Welcome to Skritter for Android.

As you can see, even the overview page is very much simplified down compared to the iOS version:

Main screen in the app.

Main screen in the app.

The writing screen is also nice and simple as well:

Get your write on!

Get your write on!

And of course compare that to the iOS version:

Oops! Wrong tone!

Oops! Wrong tone!

Now whether or not this is just because the app currently being in beta status, we shall see.

It does, however, still show its roots in the website (using “click” instead of “touch” on the cards during reviews), but it’s still a very fluid native Android app. Also, and it’s a very minor thing but something to be aware of: if you’re a current user and have a lot of data to download, it can take a little while so be sure to watch your network settings.

All in all: Skritter is a beautiful app to take with you to study Chinese anywhere on the fly. It works great, and for a beta, only had a few minor issues and crashes. The monthly fee can also be a bit steep for some leaners. When it’s officially released I am sure it’ll become an important part of the Chinese learner’s toolkit for Android.

Okay now on to the part I know you’re probably really waiting for: the three-week free trial!

Now since it is a beta app, the sign-up process is sliiiiightly more complicated than normal, but if you follow the steps you’ll be fine! Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to and sign up for an account.
  2. Enter the coupon code: androidbeta3w
  3. Now from here on out be sure to pay attention to the step-by-step guide over on Skritter, otherwise this will not work.
  4. Head here to follow the guide and get testing! 🙂

If you know anyone else that may be interested, share this post and be sure to let them know, too!


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